The Pros Of Choosing Modular Construction

The pros of choosing modular construction

by Myles Biggs

One of the best parts of purchasing a modular home is the fact that you can build on your own lot instead of being told where to live in a maze of sub-divisions plots. The location of your dream home is totally up to you – in a picturesque a rural setting, family farm, on a lake, in the city, wherever you choose.

If you have land that is terrific – most home builders will offer a free home site evaluation. Each plot of land has its own unique characteristics and your builder will be able to advise you several variables, including the appropriateness of the site for the home you are considering, how the home should be positioned, what trees will need to be cleared, what utilities are available, etc.

If you don’t have land, don’t panic – you’re not alone! Home builders have valuable relationships with real estate brokers and together they can help you find the perfect lot for your custom home.

When it comes to financing, most of our home buyers choose a one-time closing. This combines the cost of your land and the cost of your new custom home, giving you only one set of closing costs. Or, if you own your land, you can use any current equity you have towards a down payment on your home. Keep in mind, you do not have to pay off the lot first – the lot and home can be combined into one mortgage.

Contact us today and we’ll turn your lot of land into a lot of real estate.

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