Wonderful Testimonial from Sweet Haven Resort In Union Pier

For the past 30+ years my husband and I have built or renovated 10 houses, everything from big city Victorian, to small country cottages, a storefront studio, and a chicken coop/bike shed. Currently 6 of those houses sit on 9 acres that are our business, Sweethaven Resort. We’ve rented fully furnished vacation cottages for 25 years.

Last spring we added a  seventh cottage built by Heritage Custom Builders. We presented them with a few unique issues. We wanted a “convert-able” cottage that could be rented as  2 bdrm, a 3 bdrm or a 5 bdrm cottage. And it would be located in the woods a half mile from the road behind the existing cottages.

Mike Coeling designed a cottage with a large great room with a vaulted ceiling in the center. The south wing has 2 bdrms one bath,  the north wing has 3 bdrms 2 baths. Each hallway has a sliding barn door that can be opened or closed to accommodate large or smaller parties. He was a delight to work with, expertly refining the design, helping us select the finishes and keeping the project on time and on budget. We loved our tour of the plant and meeting the guys who built our house.

Tim Cassidy had the toughest job. Clearing about a 6000 square-foot area for the cottage, parking pad and driveway, squeaking his giant trucks, cranes and backhoes down a winding, skinny driveway past the cottages. Then orchestrating the 6 boxes the house came in and the crew to put it together in less than a week.

The spacious rooms, beautiful finishes and idyllic setting make ‘The Heron House’ very popular with our guests. That makes It very profitable for us. It is built and insulated so well it is cheaper to heat and cool than our 1 bdrm cottage!

We always tell everyone what a pleasure it was to work with everyone involved with Heritage Builders, we have never had such a pleasurable experience building a house. We would do it again in a heartbeat! Mike & Tim could not have been more fun while being extremely professional as were their crews, (especially Dennis and his guard dog Rocky)

Liz & Chuck Garasic



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  1. We have been in our Heritage Builders home for two years now and love it as much as the day we moved in. We also enjoyed working and planning with Mike and Tim. We sure do miss Rocky and Dennis!

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