Incredible Michigan Lakefront Home

This home is as remarkable as the family it was completed for.
We were approached by an architect, Marshall Erb of Marshall Erb Design, from the Chicago area about building a home he had designed for one of his clients. He found us through our website and liked what he saw in projects we had done in the past. He was very interested in the concept of building the home as a modular instead of building it on site. . After review and pricing of his design, we found we could satisfy the desired room locations and flow of the plan with a more straightforward modular layout. We designed a plan that included the most important aspects of the client’s ideas for room locations and use of the home then added the desired aesthetics, bath and bedroom configurations. we submitted our idea to the clients and got their approval to proceed with final design. ………………………………………….

Brit-Hart (34)



Wine Cellar


Theater Room above garage

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  1. What an incredible home! You did a fabulous job!!

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