Why A Custom Modular Home

Why Choose A Modular

Why Choose A Modular ……


Here is a question for you.

When you buy a car, do you have it assembled in your yard, out in the elements, for several months?

Modular Homes Make Sense

This seems like an outrageous suggestion, of course – foolish, in fact – because if that were the case, you’d have to deal with many months of big machinery rumbling about your yard, potentially damaging your property and certainly lacking in efficiency. Imagine your engine and the interior were nearly finished, but (since it’s sitting out in the open) several parts were compromised in the elements, requiring new materials, more expense and the loss of the originals – a waste of time, money and an environmental burden.

Perhaps you’re chuckling, or rolling your eyes, because this scenario simply doesn’t make sense. As we all know, what does make sense is to have your car built in a climate controlled environment that’s designed especially for the construction of cars. So, if it seems that common sense prevails in the auto industry, why shouldn’t this also translate to the housing industry?

This is why building a modular home simply makes sense.

 Design & Style Are Not Compromised
 Ritz-Craft’s homes are built stronger than traditional on-site constructed homes. Constructed in a controlled environment in their state-of-the-art factory, missing or damaged materials and weather delays are not a factor. The result is a precision-constructed, energy efficient home, ready to occupy in 6-10 weeks, as opposed to six months to a year, with traditional stick framing.

Ritz-Craft Custom Homes offers home buyers numerous floor plans from which to choose and each plan can be customized to match your dream home design. Their modular system enables you to add living space quickly and easily so as your family grows, your home can easily grow with you. All Ritz-Craft homes are built in a controlled environment, in a specially designed facility. This results in significant waste reduction, and a home with a much lower carbon footprint than that of a typical site-built home. There is even less fuel used by crews commuting to job sites each day for up to a year to erect an on-site conventional home.

Modular building is increasing exponentially throughout the country, particularly on the East Coast. US Census Data shows that modular homes have a strong presence in the Northeast; accounting for over 10% of home completions.

Modular building simply makes sense.



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